Boost your mental Performance,
Increase Productivity and Achieve your Goals!

What is this course about?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all in life, while others always struggle? Why some people are able to deal with challenges and difficulties, while others get stressed, depressed and anxious when faced with similar situation?

Have you ever set up goals and New Year’s resolutions, but found yourself back to the old unhealthy habits and routines only few months or weeks later? Why you don’t do what you have to, despite knowing what’s right?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed by the intensity and pressures of modern life and corporate expectations, and feel that you have so much more unused potential?

Do you find yourself being too busy to achieve what you really want, with no time for yourself and things that really matter? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to fit so much more in their day than others?

The reason we are struggling in a modern environment is that despite thinking of ourselves as rational and intelligent human beings, most of the time we are driven by automatic habits and emotional impulses of our much older, and more efficient, ‘reptilian’ and ‘mammalian’ parts of the brain, that doesn’t know yet how to fit into current external environment, causing subconscious stresses and limiting our potential.

By learning how to master and utilise those powerful neural processes of our brains, you can bring that balance, positivity and control back into your hands!

This course is here to show you how!

It is about addressing the issue of growing social and corporate demands as well as information overload, by teaching you how unleash the power of your brain to boost productivity and creativity, improve performance, and upgrade your mindset so that you can excel under pressure and achieve your personal goals or corporate targets while still having healthy work-life balance!

It includes Resilience Building, Motivation and Goal Setting, Information Processing, Marketing influences, Memory training, PhotoReading skills, Evolutionary Neuroscience theory, and incorporates this knowledge into practical applications from NLP, behavioural therapy, and Business Coaching!

What will it bring me?

You don’t have to be just a passive observer of uninspired life passing by! This course is a collection of best coaching and therapeutic tools, and it will equip you with new skills to embed your commitments into reality so that you can create your own success story on your terms!

The combination of theory with practical applications to embed it into your daily life and work routines are guaranteed to bring you results – and if after attending the course you are not satisfied, you are guaranteed your money back!

Am I the right person to attend?

This course is NOT for everyone!

It is a special course for special people who are willing to work hard and learn intensely for their own self-development.

If you expect easy results and magical fix-my-life solution – this is NOT for you!

What would it mean to you if you were able to do that?

What would it mean to you to be able to take control of your own career and life journey?

And most importantly…

Are you ready to take action and do work to make this happen?

Then this course is for you!

‘The Pessimist complains about the wind;

The Optimist expects it to change;

The realist adjusts the sails.’

William A. Ward
How exactly will this be achieved?

Your journey begins as soon as you book the course!

You will receive pdf versions of both learning manuals in advance (course content, plus PhotoReading), so you can start learning right away! You will receive access to the Facebook group to share your experiences with like-minded people and receive support on your journey for many years to come.

On the course, you will receive hard copies of manuals, as well as worksheets pack, action plans, and templates for your exercises. All stationery will be provided to you as well, so the only thing you need to bring is your smile and open mindset for the amazing things to happen!

The workshop is full of theory and knowledge from a decade of Evelina’s research of knowledge, mindset and practical strategies that are proven to work, but it also fun, engaging, and full of practical learning and development applications to ensure you are able to apply this knowledge in your personal, corporate or academic environment.

This is what you can expect on this course:

Day 1: Building Awareness: 10:00-18:00

You will learn about Evolutionary Neuroscience to help you to understand what really drives us. The crucial starting point for self-development and improvement is the understanding of basic brain neurology and evolutionary developments of our ‘reptilian’ and ‘mammalian’ brains. In this first module, you will learn what drives our subconscious habits and behaviours and how to adjust your physical environment for a stress-free learning state. You will learn how to balance your mind and body to manage our inner emotional states as well as physio-biology that are needed for optimum performance.

Modern Lifestyle Patterns – how to use it to our advantage? In this module, you will learn how the modern lifestyles affect your mental and emotional states, affect memory and concentration. You will learn about circadian and ultradian rhythms of your body and how to use it to your benefit to become more productive, efficient and create more time. You will learn what diet and daily routine will ensure the best mental performance as well as acquire some practical exercises to boost your productivity and improve work-life balance.

Turning your Stress into a positive drive. We often think of stress as negative, destructive force, but it has evolved for our protection and survival, and can be a great force of energy to drive our goals and intentions - you will learn easy 3-step process to make stress serve YOU, and not other way around.

Day 2: Shifting your Mindset: 9:00-18:00

Memory – how to enhance it? In this module, you will learn how our memory works and how sleep and day-dreaming states are crucial in consolidating our memories. You will learn some tricks to instantly enhance your short-term memory, as well as more elaborate techniques to improve your long-term memory, information retention and ensure the brain health.

Subconscious Influences and limiting beliefs – how to regain control? This module will teach you how a sub-conscious, suggestive learning takes place, how to create an open-minded receptive state with a specific intention and purpose, and how to eliminate beliefs that hold you back. You will also learn how this neuroscience knowledge about subconscious capacities of our brain is often exploited by marketing to influence our decisions and what we can do to prevent this and take the control back.

PhotoReading – How to use the power of the subconscious to process the information? The gem of this course! Learn the ultimate power behind one of the most advanced learning techniques, enabling you to take in up to 25,000 words per minutes of printed material utilising the power of your subconscious, as well as increasing your conscious reading speed 2-10 times your current speed. You will also learn many different ways to search for and work with information depending on the purpose and will have an opportunity to practice all of those skills during the course.

If you are working on a specific project, you can bring up to 5 books of your own, that you will read and research over the course. Alternatively, books will be provided for you to learn this skill.

Day 3: Taking Action: 9.00-17.00

Flow – the state of ultimate creativity and performance. We have all experienced the state of complete immersive creativity and productivity, where the time stands still and we surprise ourselves by suddenly creating something we didn’t think is possible. In this module, you will learn conditions that are needed to create those states intentionally, by harmonising neural activities of our right and left sides of the brain, as well as by utilising your physical environment and balancing discipline with creative brain-storming.

Goal setting and Strategy – how to make things happen? Learn how to elicit your vision and to implement it into a personal, strategic, step-by-step plan to turn it into reality. Discover pre-emptive strategies in your action plan, in order to foresee and prevent possible issues in advance. There will be smaller action plans following each module of the course, as well as optional personal coaching session after the course to ensure your learnings are applied to your reality.

Motivation and Positivity – how to create and maintain? While having knowledge, skills and a strategic plan is a very important part of your success journey, but it will not deliver results by itself if you don’t act on it! To help you kick-start your actions, you will learn some mind-tricks to keep you in a motivated and positive state of doing. You will find how to free your mind from some limiting beliefs and transform your mindset from one of endless procrastination to the one of action. The mindset that will effortlessly drive you to achieve your goals after the course.

Where and when?

This course is delivered in the form of an intensive 3-day weekend workshop and is based at a beautiful riverside location in central Windsor, at Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa, Thames Street, SL4 1PX.

Next Available Course date:

Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th November, 2018.

The workshop times are 10:00-18:00 on the first day, 9:00-18:00 on the second day and 9.00-17.00 on the third day.

You can find location map and directions HERE.
What is the investment?

This 3-day lifetime-changing event, with exquisite catering, all learning materials, CPD accredited certificate and on-going support after the course is only 970 per person, or 1200 for a residential retreat.

! If you are a coach, therapist, or NLP practitioner and would like to learn how to use the skills learnt on this course with your clients, you will have reduced price. (Terms and conditions apply – get in touch to find out more).

..but wait! There is more!

If you pay in full before the event or sign up for the payment plan before the event, you will receive a FREE GIFT – personal goal-setting coaching session, the value of £250!

‘Because I care about the outcome you get from this course, I offer you a FREE coaching session with me to ensure that what you learn in this workshop is truly implemented in practice. During this session I will support you with your action plan, will help you to establish and utilise your strengths, as well as eliminating any personal obstacles to your success. The normal value of this 2-hour intensive coaching is £250, but you get it for free as a thank you for your commitment.’


Investment in your personal development is a financial commitment, and if you would like some help to spread the costs over a period of time, you can reserve your place today for only a small deposit. You will receive a personalised interest-free payment plan, completely customised on your financial needs and based on your own timescales and flexible payment starting date. If you would like to discuss your options before booking your place, please do not hesitate to contact Evelina to get your questions answered.

About Evelina:

Evelina Dzimanaviciute is a Learning & Development Coach, NLP therapist, and Mindful Hypnotherapist, translating neuroscience research into practical applications to improve your performance, wellbeing, and happiness.

Evelina has been studying various aspects of psychology and neuroscience in order to find the answer about the difference that makes the difference between certain people who thrive and grow with challenges, while others crumble faced with very similar experiences. The idea for the MinBoost course was born out of the observation that the most successful people have a different approach to learning and the way they process information, as well as a capability to cope with pressures, act on intentions and turn goals into reality.

As part of her research over many years, Evelina has been working with various successful people in business, as well as supporting the most vulnerable individuals with mental illnesses and suicidal tendencies. Her research in psychology and neuroscience combined with the real-life observations, studies of neurological patterns and social habits, allowed Evelina to create her own successful approach to build resilience and confidence in their clients to enable them to face life changes with confidence and control. As the owner of Sponfidence™, she has found a unique approach to personal and corporate development – Evelina integrates therapeutic aspects with life coaching strategies by utilising evolutionary neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology.

Evelina’s experience and knowledge means she can guarantee great results out of her services, and will work with dedication and passion to for supporting you along the way. To give you a complete peace of mind about making the decision on this investment, you have a 60-day money back guarantee after attending your course!

Evelina is running regular courses, workshops and events – please visit the website or follow Facebook page for the event calendar. Evelina is an inspiring public and in-house speaker presenting on various topics of self-development, mindfulness, work-life balance, anxiety and stress, resilience and confidence, amongst many others.

Corporate services

This course’s full content or any of its separate modules can also be tailored to your business needs to boost productivity, creativity, efficiency and wellbeing of your employees. It is provided with a specific focus on targets and results that are expected of your team. Those targets are established via a complimentary executive coaching and assessment session.

To see the list of all services and book a FREE introductory session, visit:


You can download PDF Brochure of this course HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact Evelina if you need any further information, or if you would like information about other courses, events and services provided by BeYourLight.

The trainer was extremely professional and well organised. All exercises were very well thought through, prepared, and well delivered. Evelina was flexible to the needs and demands of the participants and offered lots of unique content. Just perfect!

The response to my booking, text and email communications were in a matter of minutes! There were also reminders sent, as well as instructions with directions. The venue is very well equipped, in a beautiful and distinguished location, a wide variety of food choices.

I really enjoyed the part on Evolutionary Neuroscience! Realising the drivers behind our actions, and what really drives me in life was my highlight of this course. This course gave me a better understanding of how our mind works. I have learned to focus on one task at the time, eliminate destructions, create habits, relaxed states and practice controlled attention. It gave me good guidelines and practical instructions on how to restructure my day and be more productive, as well as creating a powerful vision.

PhotoReading part taught me that there could be a different approach to reading, and how to learn with intention, purpose and question in mind.

The course is very informative and has a strong content, and it is not only useful to learn a particular skill but also fun! I would recommend it as it is practical, highly educational and worth the money. I have not been on such a well-done training for a long time.

Anna Wieclaw, Associate Lecturer in Science and Technology

Evelina is very professional, calm, clear and personable.

The booking experience and communication was all clear and simple. Excellent venue and catering.

The highlight of this course for me were interactive segments and PhotoReading. It has useful worksheets for detail and step by step explanations for speed and PhotoReading. I will feed my subconscious mind more!

This course enabled me to better understand the drives behind types of action, to rearrange my daily routine, better assess other’s motivation preferences and be aware of competitors’ marketing and pricing strategies.

I would recommend this course as it has many productivity boosting subjects taught in a clear, engaging way.

Pad Pax, Success Coach

Evelina is very confident and knows her materials very well. She is able to communicate her intentions very clearly whilst listening to the personal needs of the different people in her course. She also injects a lot of creativity and adds a personal touch to the course.

This course offers lots of practical advice to be built into our lives, with a good mix of mental & physical activities. Materials are well constructed, with a clear structure and delivered in a concise way.

Booking is straightforward and easy, the venue is at the convenient location, and the quality and choice of food exceeded my expectations.

The highlight of this course was photo reading! It has nothing to do with ‘reading’ as we know. It allowed me to set consistent purpose in reading, have the confidence to read differently and be in control of the book, rather than book controlling me.

This course gave me an understanding of brain development to enable better emotional control, and how to utilise stress as an opportunity for growth. I have learnt to establish good intentions for myself and others in order to move from procrastination to commitment, improve memory, think broader and feel motivated to finding higher purpose in my life.

I would recommend this course because it is informative and yet practical. It gave me lots of insights to using the brain and attention effectively.

Natalie Bloomfield, CMI Manager

Matt Hudd, Karate instructor and business owner

Jo Glover, Writer

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